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This site is dedicated to the 18xx Games series. Its aim is to help players, the 'Bank' in particular, manage companies and keep the score sheet tidy. It is free, but not ad-less. I'll add ads to support my work, in the hope it won't be too intrusive.

To play, you'll have to register. After that, you'll be able to begin new games or continue previously started games. Only one player has to register and can fill the other players in when he adds a game. Obviously, the more players are registered, the more pleased I'll be ! :) Once your game is started, you'll be able to buy private companies, sell them afterwards, buy and sell shares of railroad companies. During the operating rounds, you will be asked what you have achieved with the company, and whether you want to share the benefits or keep them. The value of each company, its cash, will be dynamically updated during the game, as the player's personal cash and assets will.

This site is not a replacement for the board game, but an help. The building of railroads, the general map, aso, are not implemented. It is meant to be used with the board game as a kind of advanced calculator.

I really hope you'll enjoy it. As it is free and possibly contains bugs I haven't fixed, I have implemented a FEEDBACK page. Enjoy !


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